Finding pearls in your clams

Posted: May 26, 2019 in Uncategorized

(Don’t wanna read? Watch it 🎥)

Jerry Garcia said that there are some days you go diving for pearls & you end up with clams…

You’re gonna have days when you started the day on fire…you knew today was going to be different!!

Only it wasn’t…

You dove for pearls & ended up with clams.

Everyone seemed to have hit their mark…except you.

When you have those kind of days, carry the lessons forward, but don’t carry the day over…

No day is unproductive…

Your efforts may not have paid off in results, but it did pay a dividend.

Tiny, incremental gains that caused you to give a little more, think a little quicker, and hang in there a little longer.

Reinvest your dividends into your next efforts…

Why talk about what didn’t happen…was supposed to happen..or was a total waste of time in your eyes?

When you speak unproductive, you get unproductive.

When all you’re talking about is the bullshit almosts, you’re carrying your day over…& over…& over… folding one bad day into the next…

That’s how you have a bad month, year, & life.

But what if you carried the day’s lessons forward? Yea you got your ass handed to you…yea you should’ve said this, countered with that, or known the answer…

but you didn’t, so now what?

What a beautiful gift we have in reflecting…

Instead of smashing the mirrors of reflection and cutting yourself all up with regrets & pisstivity, why not reflect & mentally apply your improvements?

Most people can’t move forward in life because they’re only focused on moving over…

Day after day after day.

Today you may have come up with clams, but there are still pearls in there…

It’s call Wisdom.

Stay in The Sales 💪ife.


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