…that’s who you were supposed to be

Posted: April 11, 2019 in Uncategorized

I like watching Evan Carmichael’s compilations on YouTube. His channel consists of clips ripped from interviews highly successful people have given over time. His vids are short, “10” meaty points that really get you going. Anyone who’s been following me knows how much I love David Goggins’ story, so it goes without saying,that when I saw the clip of “10 Rules when you’re afraid of something,” I had to watch. One of the clips was from an interview Goggins gave on Lewis Howes’ podcast in which he asked David a question, “What haunts you the most?” Without flinching, Goggins answered, “What haunts me most is to be 300 lbs., an exterminator for Ecolab, and to get to the end of my life where a Higher Power sits in front of me and shows me a list with my name written on it:

  • David Goggins: 180 lbs.
  • David Goggins: Navy SEAL
  • David Goggins: Ultra marathon runner
  • David Goggins: Best-selling author
  • David Goggins Speaker to the world.

…to see that list and to tell Him, ‘G-God, that’s not me. I-I’m David Goggins, 300 pounds…I’m just an exterminator,’ to which God answers back, ‘No that’s not you…that’s who you were supposed to be…'”

“So what haunts me most is to get to the end of my life and to realize that I left more on the table because I wasn’t willing to take on or go over the wall. I want to exceed God’s expectations for my life where I get to the end and not only did He check the box, but He also had to add more lines. There is cap in Life, we only cap ourselves and our own limitations.”

There is no explanation at the end… no overtime… no mulligans, nor do overs. When it’s done it’s done. “What haunts you me most?” To have to account for the man I was supposed to be. To see a list and realize that I could’ve done all of those things, but I didn’t- not even a fraction of it, because I was too scared, too worried, too uncertain…because it would involve failure… it would be wrapped in unfairness…& that I may even get to the edges of losing my job or even my life…but I held back.

So here I am… but it’s not who I’m supposed to be.

Oh my God… no way… you must go out there and fight, scrap, claw, dig, and get back up, because it’s not enough to be who you are right now. You must push off and dig deep and live for who you’re supposed to be.

I’m supposed to share The Sales Life to the world…

I’m supposed to teach young people the life skill of selling…

I’m supposed to teach young people the value of reading and financial responsibility…

I’m supposed to have multiple dealerships…

I’m supposed to live to be 100 years old…

I’m supposed to be my ideal weight…

I’m supposed to run a marathon…

I’m supposed to be a good man, a good father, and a good husband…

Yes, I’m supposed to be & I have to live that right now, because I don’t want to get to the end of my life and there in front of me, is a huge list with my name on in and none of boxes are checked nor any lines added and the only thing left to hear are the words, “…that’s who you supposed to be.”

Fight hard & stay in the Sales Life.



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