Uncommon amongst Uncommon

Posted: March 26, 2019 in Uncategorized

One of my favorite books this year is retired SEAL David Goggins’ book “Can’t Hurt Me.” He writes:

No matter who you are, Life will present you similar opportunities where you can prove to be uncommon….It’s the suit who’s still at the office until midnight while everyone else is at the bar, or the bad ass who hits the gym directly after coming off a 48 hr Op. She’s the wild-land fighter who instead of hitting her bedroll, she’s sharpening her chainsaw after working a fire for 24 hours. That mentality is there for all of us…It doesn’t take wearing a uniform, it’s not about all the hard schools they graduated from, it’s about wanting it like there’s no tomorrow-because there might not be…it’s about developing your own code of ethics that sets you apart from others. One of those ethics is to turn every negative into a positive & when the shit starts flying, being prepared to lead from the front.

Being the last to be picked on teams & always the black sheep, I’ve always fought to just belong. I worked hard & became skilled just to have a seat at the table, but when all you have is a belonging mentality, once you reach your goal, you’re prone to ease up, becoming satisfied-you may even self-sabotage yourself like I did. See, I only wanted to belong, but I didn’t feel deserving of higher success, so I made poor decisions that caused me to fall.

Belonging’s not enough…

You may be able to do what others can’t. You may bear the title that others won’t, but just because you may be uncommon, Goggins asks what makes you Uncommon amongst Uncommon? Uncommon is a talent…becoming Uncommon amongst Uncommon is a mentality.

UAU is going beyond just because...no one told you to…no one gave you a mandate or orders. UAU is about never being satisfied & always staying hungry. It’s saying, “Yes I’m here, now what?!” It’s that tenacity to push past fatigue…to push away from complacency. UAU is, “Always being willing to embrace ignorance & become a dumb fuck again because that is the only way to expand your mind, your body of knowledge, and your body of work.” (Goggins)

UAU is boldly pushing to the front while others hunker down in fear.

Today is your proving ground. The fact that you’re reading this makes you uncommon…but what you do with the opportunities that Life hurls in your direction is your choice to become Uncommon amongst Uncommon. You can choose to say today, “That’s not my job..that’s not my department..” You can choose look the other way-acting like you didn’t see it while taking that phantom phone call. You can choose today to wait to be told or even asked. You can even choose today to lay up today and double up tomorrow (maybe). You can…but you won’t…because you’re not just uncommon…you’re Uncommon amongst Uncommon.

I’ll see your badass in The Sales Life.

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