We’ll wait for you

Posted: May 29, 2018 in Meaning, Uncategorized
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While on the set of Deliverance, filmmaker John Boorman walked up to actor Burt Reynolds and said, “Stop acting. Just behave…we’ll wait for you because we can’t take our eyes off of you..” Boorman didn’t want an actor…he wanted Reynolds playing the role of Lewis Medlock.

When our performance is based on conformance, then we just blend into our environment & lose ourselves in order to take on the character that we think society, family, or our boss wants.

We act and cease behaving…

As told by Ryan Holiday, George Clooney initially struggled as an actor because he tried so hard to fit the character the producers were looking for until one day he got the realization that he shouldn’t try to fit the role…the role should fit him.

It became clear to him that the producers needed him more than he needed them.

& if the audition didn’t pan out, Clooney could go on dozens of other auditions…

he had options, while the producers were desperately seeking the one. 

Armed with his newfound knowledge, Clooney began showing up to auditions projecting that he was The One for the job.

And because he projected so much confidence..

…because he didn’t walk in reeking of desperation…

because he showed himself approved…filmmakers made a way because Clooney behaved his way into the roles.

Many times we take on or inherit positions and continue playing the position the way that it’s always been played.

We run alongside of the way that it’s always been done..we conform…we act…

when Life needs you to behave.

When you act you blend in…but when you behave, you stand out.

When you act, you’re cast in black, white, & grays of usual…but when you behave..

when you bring your “You”…

when you bring your flair…

your flavor…

your uniqueness…

your quirks…

when you bring your How I do to what you do…

when you Be AND Do-not just do…well, you become the red umbrella walking through the gray crowd….

And you know what….

We’ll wait for you because you embody what we’re looking for.

There’s too many actors in this world and not enough Be-ings.

Beings behaving in such a way that we can’t help but get out of your way…to clear our schedule..to make room…hell to create a whole other column just for you.

And let me tell you how liberating it’ll be for you…because you cease acting & start behaving, you get to be you & because you’re no longer burning the emotional currency of acting, you’ll feel more complete…more in control of your most valuable asset…

…that asset is You…

So rest easy. Don’t worry about missing out…just behave…we’ll wait for you because we can’t take our eyes off of you.

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