Seriously..why you mad?

Posted: February 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

So let me make you laugh….the other day I was having one of those know those days when you put some stank on your motions- you close the kitchen cabinets & bathroom drawers a little harder than you usually do…one of those days when you flip the toilet seat up and rip the shower curtain open with some extra umph! One of those days when you slam the door shut & lock it- hoping, but not really, that the key breaks off into the lock. The kids felt it too…I dumped them in the parking lot at school with a dry ass I love you & they didn’t know whether to say I love you back or instead say, “Nah I’m good keep the love- it looks like you need it!”

It was one of them kind of days…the days you catch every light & Mabel in front of you is too old to be driving let alone texting…

It was really one of them kinda days where if the lug nuts came loose & all 4 wheels went flying off my truck causing me to skid with sparks to a halt in the middle of the street wouldn’t have even surprised me…

The day…the week…the start of the year was a gumbo sandwich- just a hot ass mess. So I’m sitting at the light (of course, I caught all of them that day) right around the corner from work and I look at myself in the mirror and laughingly say, “Why are you so mad? Seriously, why are you mad,” because everything that you’re mad for & about has already happened. Life, weather fronts, & even the damn birds have moved on, why haven’t you?

You have a choice- yes believe it or not you do have a choice…

You can either stay, keep, cuddle, harbor, & wear everything that has already happened to piss you off or you can focus on the only thing that is real & controllable and that’s the present. Being mad only keeps you stuck in the feces of lumped losses...or you can choose to move on to the next play, next opportunity, & race to find the next win. It’s days like this this that I go to my 5’s of my 5×5- when I ask myself Quickly riff off 5 wins…now the day was just starting for me so my wins were..uh not much..but I said I woke up…I had a place to sleep…I ate..I have all my teeth..annnnd I got a perfectly shaped head to be bald! Boom! That’s it- something simple to shift my mind in a positive direction instead of remunerating and shitting my mind into a ditch.

Why stay mad…why stay mad at something you can’t get back? You can’t get the insult, offense, backstab, gossip, nor argument back- so why spend emotional currency on an event that gives no refunds, do-overs, or mulligans?

Author, former Navy SEAL Tim Larkin has a saying that he used to help get him through SEAL training & uses when coaching others today. When they feel like quitting or giving up he urges them with the thought of, Never think past the next meal,” meaning just focus on just getting to that one point, i.e. lunch, & once you get there you can eat, settle down, recalibrate, then reengage…let the emotions die down, pivot & then get back to it. Instead of throwing in the towel, you throw in a washcloth, rest, & ratchet back up.

Look, shit’s going to happen-it’s ok to get mad, it’s not ok to stay that way. Staying mad is like cashing a check on a closed account- pointless & penniless.

Remember no matter what comes your way, Life is negotiable & the greatest sale you’ll ever make is to sell you on you. You’re more than enough.

I’ll see you on the Blacktop!

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