You ain’t even know

Posted: October 21, 2017 in Matter, Meaning, Sales Success, Success
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Musician Waka Flocka powerfully said, “Comparison is the thief to potential..” (you may want to read that a few times).

We’re always trying to compare ourselves to others, aren’t we? Businesses even do it. One business sells to another for $1 billion so the another business erroneously thinks they should be able to sell for a half mil. Dealerships are always comparing themselves to the next one down the street. Businesses compare, but so do you and I. The problem is when you compare yourself to others, you’re putting a baseline on your abilities and a headboard-or a cap on your potential. When you compare the accolades of others, you’re capping your own potential because you think that is the end of the road-the summit of success and it is not. You have no idea what you’re truly capable of…

Who cares?

Who cares if it takes you 7 years what took the other person 7 months. Good job to the one who lost weight in 9 months, but it takes me 2 years.

How long it takes is irrelevant. How much focus you have in your efforts is the only thing that matters. Stop trying to put certainty on a future of uncertainty-a future that has not even been written for you yet. Your future will be written in the ink of your sweat and it’ll exceed your wildest expectations. 


You’ve got to stop looking side to side. Look from side to side for motivation. Look from side to side  to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes of others, but do not look side to side in comparison to where they are now. You’re an unfinished work.

Keep your head straight..pick a point and look ahead. Run your race-put in the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. Whatever it takes.

When you W.I.N… when you do What Is Necessary, you’ll have had done it your way on your dime and in your time.

I’ll see you on the Blacktop.

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