You don’t have that luxury

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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 Thanks to the auto tune software, even the most mediocre artist can be transformed into a star. A producer can fix an artist by funneling their lackluster vocals through a program-match it with a great beat and catchy hook, and produce a #1 hit. Their true talents are discovered much later when they perform live sounding nothing like the Platinum-selling artist we shucked out 14 bucks for on iTunes. You don’t have that luxury.

There is no auto tune in sales- how you practice in your studio is how you perform live in front of your audience (i.e. your customer). If you can combine your vocals of truly connecting with your customers by becoming interested in them and their needs, create your unique beat by listening speaking, thinking, and acting positive at all times, lace it with a hook of great customer service before and after the sale, and then perform it live-you’ll have a chart topping career.

The best artists are those whose live performances sound better than their recordings. Who’s buying your album?

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