Like it or not, sowing and reaping is a real principle we all live by. Everybody on earth, every profession is under the law of sowing and reaping. The law of sowing a reaping can be either good or bad. For example, take the high school student who maintains a high GPA- staying up late at night in order to complete assignments and prepare for tests; that student will reap the benefit of being able to go to any school in the country on a full paid scholarship. Or take the athlete who, in the off-season, is working out-getting bigger, faster, and stronger while others rest on their past accomplishments; that athlete will reap the benefit of signing a huge contract. How about the top producers on the blacktop? Everyday they show up (on time), their attitude is optimistic and they sow a plan of action each day; they know the numbers and how many people they must get in front of each day in order to make a sale; they are disciplined and deliberate in their actions.  That salesperson will reap the benefits of a great month.

On the downside, when you sow the seeds of missed workouts and begin to eat fried foods and candy, you will reap the benefits of having to buy bigger pants to encompass your growing waistline. If you spend every dime you make and max out all of your credit cards, you will eventually reap bankruptcy. What seeds are you sowing on the blacktop? If you are sowing a negative frame of mind, show up late for work, shortcutting your deals, and shortchanging your clients, you will reap a poor month.

Sowing and reaping is a test of faith; what if you sow good seeds and your month gets wiped out-even though you showed up on time and were disciplined to work your plan? Think of the farmers who do everything right-they prepare the soil; sow the seeds only to see a flood wipe out all of their hard work. Farmers get back on their equipment, work the land, and sow the seeds once again, because they understand they cannot reap a harvest if they don’t first sow the seeds.

When you have a bad month, don’t check out and begin to look for another career. Look at how far you’ve come. When you got into sales, you had bad credit, you owed everybody, and you drove up in a hooptie with a cracked radiator-not to mention you were past due on your rent. Today, you’ve restored your credit and bought your first home; you have a nice car that you can now valet park and have a little money in the bank. Everything you’ve accomplished is not by accident; you’ve reaped a harvest because you sowed the right seeds. Even though you couldn’t see immediate results, you had faith to sow the seeds in hopes of reaping a turnaround in your life.

The conditions are perfect for you to begin to sow the right seeds and when the weeds of negativity and doubt begin to creep in, yank them up by the roots. Sow the right seeds with the right intentions, and reap the crop you deserve. I’ll see you next time on the blacktop.

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